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Recently, it was announced that Below Zero Wrestling would be debuting its first championship at WinterSlam. It was also revealed that four of Below Zero's best wrestlers would compete in a ladder match to become the inaugural champion. We now know who those four wrestlers are!


Brandon Nytroe: 'Your Heartland Hearthrub' has proven himself to be one of the best on the BZW roster. Nytroe made his debut at BZW's first show in May 2021. His unique style has worked well for him as Brandon Nytroe has yet to lose a match.

Jack Ledger: The high-flying, energetic Jack Ledger, has taken BZW by storm! He has wrestled at every BZW event and is still undefeated! Ledger is no stranger to the main event either. The 21-year-old star has main evented two Below Zero shows and taken on some high profile opponents.

Sierra: The 22-year-old wrestler is a newer name to BZW but is quickly making herself known. Sierra has challenged and defeated opponents twice her size and has yet to taste defeat! On top of that, Sierra is making waves across the Midwest, such as competing in All Elite Wrestling earlier this year.

Nick "The Natural" Nelson: Nick Nelson made his BZW debut at our debut show and has been a natural in the ring. However, what has made Nelson a serious competitor was his massive victory in September. At Below Zero's second event at the Sanctuary Events Center, Nick Nelson shocked everyone by ending the undefeated streak of Bobby Brennan.

All four wrestlers will have to push themselves harder than they ever had if they want to become the first Below Zero Wrestling champion. We don't know who will win but we do know that tickets are going fast! Get yours now!

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