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BZW WinterSlam 1x1 Xmas Promotional.jpg


Looking for a great gift? Look no further! WinterSlam tickets make a great gift! What is WinterSlam? WinterSlam is Below Zero Wrestling's premier event taking place in Fargo on Sunday, January 23. The show will feature former WWE star Erick Redbeard, Impact Wrestling stars Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and the awesome BZW wrestlers. Plus, the first Below Zero Wrestling champion will be crowded at WinterSlam. Brandon Nytroe, Jack Ledger, Sierra, and Nick Nelson face off in a ladder match with the BZW championship hanging above the ring.

Avoid the crowds and get your loved ones a ticket to WinterSlam. You can purchase a ticket here. Plus, meet and greet tickets are available too. If you want something physical to give on Christmas day, we got you covered.  Download the PDF below to print off a physical WinterSlam ticket.

Please note:

The printable WinterSlam ticket is not needed to enter the event and is not acceptable proof of purchase. In order to attend WinterSlam, you will need to purchase a ticket from our Eventbrite page.

BZW WinterSlam Ticket.jpg
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